What Makes an App Durable

Durable is not normally something you associate with a software package. At Aziom we view it as a design goal to create systems that will have the longest foreseeable life.

We create Web Apps, not Native Apps.

A Web App consists of HTML, JavaScript and supporting data to create a persistent application that resides permanently on the receiving device. A Native App is created with the tools and libraries available at the time of creation and are unique to the target device. To have a multi-platform Native App a unique package must be created for each platform.

That sounds like a developers problem, not an end-user problem.

True. Right up to the point where something changes. New versions of core components can upset a Native App and require an update. This requires diligence, time, money, inconvenience and risk of down-time. A Web App sits on the other side of the browser and is insulated from interruptions by the tech staff  at Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla.

We don’t use libraries

Libraries are collections of pre-coded functions. They make initial development easier by providing shortcuts to archiving certain results. Great. But when they change, your app may stop working

The first version of HTML was formally published in June 1993. Web pages created 27 years ago will still work, although may appear primitive. The first Native released in the Apple Store occurred in 2008 and few if any would run today in their original form.

Others are taking notice.

There are over 5 million functioning Native apps from both the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store. They are not about to go away anytime soon. There are over 200 million web functioning pages that will be around at least as long.

4-5  years behind Aziom, there is now a trend for many major organizations to present a Web App for their customers. Names like Twitter, Forbes, Lyft and Uber. interestingly, Uber has a good explanation of why and how they added a Web App.  They have also since found a much higher rate of interaction with their customers on their Web App.