About Us

Our History

The history of Aziom, Inc. starts back in 1982 with a company called ENC Group, Inc. ENC was a specialized software development company in the Computerized Numeric Controls (CNC) market. It developed the software that controlled machine tools used by General Motors, United States Air Force and others for manufacturing cells that ranged from $10-$40 million.

In 1986 a leading handheld computer manufacturer approached ENC to aid in the creation of a mobile sales and inventory system for Tombstone Pizza. Once the successful roll out of over 800 routes was complete we focused on creating a common platform that many vertical markets could use without creating a new software package for each segment. T-Trax was born.

T-Trax is the software that ran in the dedicated mobile hardware used by route salespeople. We successfully ran T-Trax in Beverage, Snack Food, Frozen Food, Service and other markets for big brand customers like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Anheuser-Busch and others. Many competitors tried to displace T-Trax over the years but it’s last ticket was created in late 2017.

In the infant years of the Internet and World Wide Web, ENC yearned to create an Internet based route management solution but the technology was not yet available so a branch of business was created to create and promote web sites. With over 80 active domains, ENC spun off all the mobile development resources into Aziom, Inc. in 2012. ENC was then consumed by another internet marking firm.

Also in 2012, the components for a real online/offline route accounting system became available and Aziom jumped at the opportunity to move it’s expertise into a leading edge product. A massive undertaking but V-Trax was born.

Now we look forward to connecting with more companies of vision so they can see how V-Trax can enhance their operations.