The Cost of Inflexibility

An Analogy.

Here is an example event that occurs countless times everyday.

While strolling down the aisle at the local Home Depot, a carpenter notices a hammer on sale at an apparently great price. He checks out the weight and feel then happily purchases the new tool.

The next day at work he quickly realizes his new hammer has a slightly rounded head of a smaller diameter than it’s predecessor. The day continues with multiple missed hits and bent nails. He tries to change his style of hitting the nail but that just slows down his speed. He considers either grinding the head to the proper arc or ditching his great buy in favor of his old hammer.

This scenario occurs all too often when making a software purchase. The information discovered via a salesperson or sales materials does not cover those aspects that make your business unique. One of the most prevalent¬† review comments for any product is: “It’s great but…”.

In many instances these obstacles can be mitigated before the purchase by spending more time with an in-depth inspection of the potential purchase by not just management, but by anyone who might be using the product. A full demo can also reveal future complications.

Finally, if you do discover that rare 99% fit, will the 1% complication have a disproportional adverse effect on your business? Or can the product be modified and at an acceptable price.